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Episode 14 - “Planting Peace”

Captain Dick Steele promotes peace through breeding rhododendrons
Captain Steele believes beauty has the power to transform lives. After surviving two major wars as a Naval Officer, Steele was disillusioned by the world until he discovered that he could once again find beauty and serenity on earth in the form of the Rhododendron flower. Now recognized as one of the best hybridizers of Rhododendrons in North America, Captain Steele has created over 100 new variations and continues to nourish and breed his flowers at his nursery, Bayport Farm in Nova Scotia.


Episode 15 - A Perfect Life

How Marjorie Harris’ small urban garden changed her life.

Marjorie Harris, editor-in-chief of Gardening Life Magazine, credits the 19 x 100 foot plot of land behind her house in downtown Toronto for changing her life. This beautiful urban garden is recognized across the country for its beauty and lushness and has been a source of inspiration for much of Marjorie’s writing.


Episode 16 – Garden of the Gods

Photographer, Freeman Patterson finds joy and healing in his garden in Shamper’s Bluff.

According to Freeman Patterson "gardening is an act of creation and the primary responsibility of our lives is to be creative." Therefore whenever possible, this world-renowned photographer combines his love for gardening with his passion for photography. As we travel from the forested land he calls home on Shamper’s Bluff, New Brunswick to the wildflower compound in Namaqualand, South Africa where he teaches regular seminars, we are invited to observe the beauty of the wild which has brought joy and healing to Freeman’s life.  


Episode 17 – A Tuscan Dream

Restaurateur, Umberto Menghi discovers his own paradise at his vineyard Villa Delia, Italy.

Restaurateur Umberto Menghi has created his very own paradise in the form of a seventeenth century villa he has recently restored in his native homeland of Tuscany. Surrounded by miles of vineyards and olive trees, Villa Delia is a cooking school, a luxury resort and a second home for Umberto and his family and fulfills the dream of uniting his love of food and fine wine together with his love for the Tuscan countryside.


Episode 18 - A Garden Legacy

Writer, Wendy Thomas and her husband Trevor nurture their ancestral garden on the Isle of Mull.

For garden writer Wendy Thomas there is nowhere she would rather be than in her garden at Park House on the Island of Mull. After dedicating over five years of her life in fighting the ancient feudal system in Scotland in order to rightfully claim her husband’s family home, Wendy proudly maintains the garden with a great reverence towards the work of her ancestors.


Episode 19 - The Jurassic Gardener”

Former CFL football player Gerry Herron trades in the fast life for the gardening life.

Tired after years of living the fast life of socializing, traveling, and working around the clock, Gerry Herron, former football player with the BC Lions, decided to re-focus his energy into his own backyard in Kelowna, British Columbia. From what was once a shady gravel pit, Gerry has created an Eden that defies nature and breaks all rules of gardening.


Episode 20 - “A Charmed Life”

Thomas Hobbs creates beauty with orchids.

Thomas Hobbs began growing seeds at the age of five years old, owned his first greenhouse at the age of ten, and began breeding orchids by the time he was fourteen. Formerly the founder of the renowned "Thomas Hobbs Florist" in Vancouver, and author of the book "Shocking Beauty", Thomas is now the proud owner of "Southlands Nursery", a nursery which he claims has enabled him to live a "charmed life". The nursery is the culmination of a lifetime of loving and growing plants, and from it Thomas proudly supplies gardens all over the world with his creations.


Episode 21 – “Orchids in the Snow”

Jason Lin and his family grow orchids in the most unlikely of places… the middle of the prairies.

This is an immigrant success story, the story of how one Taiwanese family followed their dream and established an orchid nursery in the most unlikely of places… the middle of the Canadian prairies. Today, Jason Lin’s Evergreen Orchids is one of the largest suppliers of orchids in Canada and internationally recognized as a world class orchid hybridizer. Plus – to date they’ve won every orchid competition that they’ve ever entered.  


Episode 22 - “The Garden that Love Built”

The Abkhazi Gardens are the result of a passionate love affair between a Prince and Princess

Princess Peggy and Prince Nicolas Abkhazi were long time friends whose relationship, due to life circumstances, was never permitted to go beyond the writing of letters. After the war though, their paths crossed once again, but this time resulted in deep found love and marriage, and a new life in Victoria BC where they created their own Eden. After the Abkhazi¹s deaths, the garden risked falling into the hands of developers only to be saved by the passionate people of Victoria.


Episode 23 - “The Garden of Egan”

Kieran Egan creates a Zen garden – the Irish way.

In the heart of suburban Vancouver, there exists a small private garden: a place of calm where one can contemplate life and enjoy time going by. This piece of Eden, which was originally a backyard playground, is now a backyard Zen garden created by Dr. Kieran Eagan. Author of "Building My Zen Garden", Kieran takes us on a journey from how what he originally envisioned as a small strip with some stones, eventually grew into a pond with a small stream, a waterfall, and a tea-house.


Episode 24 - “Designing Paradise”

John Hardy designs jewelry and creates an organic world in Bali, Indonesia

More than a designer of jewelry, John Hardy is a storyteller who is keeping a culture and a past alive through his jewelry and home furnishings designs. Living in Bali, John draws inspiration from the local artisans, who work to create his musings into masterpieces, and the lush tropical landscape that surrounds his extraordinary open air longhouse and verdant terraced gardens. John's approach to his creative work and domestic lifestyle has always been organic and luxurious. His passion is a primitive minimalism and his mantra is "We're living in one of the most beautiful places on the planet…we don't need ornamentation."


Episode 25 - “Touched by Luck”

How one risk resulted in life-changing good fortune for a young American couple

In 2002, Ben Ripple, an organic farmer, decided to take a risk and gave $200.00 to a woman in distress in exchange for suspicious airline coupons. Luckily enough the coupons turned out to be good for travel anywhere in the world and Ben, accompanied by his future wife Blair, decided to fly to Bali for their "dream" vacation. While on the island, they were offered 8 acres of land for free, and eventually became in the short period of 18 months, successful owners of an organic farming operation on the island of Bali.


Episode 26 - Garden of Hope

New York landscape architect, David Kamp creates a healing garden that transforms many lives.

David Kamp was a New York landscape architect with a high profile job and a great future, who worked on many rewarding international projects. But in the 1990s he left all of this behind to start his own business dedicated to the creation of gardens. Believing that nature has significant therapeutic qualities and is essential to health and well-being, David’s projects are now ones he believes will make a difference to individuals and communities and today he is applying this attitude to all of his projects including a 9/11 memorial in Pennsylvania.

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