Reflections of the Soul

Patrick Lane and Lorna Crozier find healing and inspiration in the garden in Saanichton, Vancouver Island, BC.

Summary: Patrick Lane and Lorna Crozier have created a sensational garden at their home in Victoria, BC. Both renowned poets, their writings draw heavily on the symbolism a garden provides - for Patrick, it is a metaphor for life and for Lorna, a source of erotic imagery. The garden was instrumental in Patrick’s recovery from alcoholism and served as inspiration for Addicted: Stories From the Belly of the Beast, a collaborative work edited by Patrick and Lorna that features writing on addiction from a diverse range of Canadian writers.
Garden Contact Information: Saanichton, Vancouver Island, BC.
The Garden: According to Patrick Lane, a garden is "a place of solitude and meditation, privacy and pleasure... The garden is both Lorna’s and my desire to surround ourselves with what beauty there is and for us that has been gardening. There is no quieter pleasure than to spend a long morning in the garden working... I know the garden like I know my lover, each touch, each shift of movement, each place, has its balance and pleasure".

The Gardeners' Story: "When in doubt go into the garden and the garden will heal you" - Patrick Lane

Patrick Lane was born in 1939 in Nelson, British Columbia. Over the years he has worked on a variety of jobs including cat skinner, truck driver, accountant, salesman and as an Industrial-First-Aid Man at a number of sawmills. However, the career he has received the most recognition for is as a poet, a career that he began in earnest in 1958. Within a span of thirty years, Patrick has published twenty-one volumes of poetry including Poems, New & Selected (1978), The Measure (1981) Old Mother (1983) and Selected Poems (1987). His most recent publications are a children’s book entitled Milford and Me (1989), the poetry collection Winter (1991), and Mortal Remains (1991) a poetry collection which has received rave reviews across Canada. Patrick will publish a new book of non-fiction in 2003-4 entitled, What We Are Is A Garden, a twelve-month series of meditations on life, art, poetry, and gardens.

Patrick is the recipient of numerous awards including: The Governor-General’s Award, The Canadian Authors Association Award, as well as several Senior Canada Council Awards. His work has been read and published around the world including England, France, Czechoslovakia, Italy, China, Japan, Chile, Columbia and Russia. According to Charles Lillard of the Victoria Times-Colonist, Patrick Lane is "the best poet of his generation". (information taken from

Lorna Crozier was born in 1948 and raised on the Canadian prairies in the town of Swift Current, Saskatchewan. In 1974, Lorna had her first poem published in a literary journal called Grain. Her first collection of poetry was published in 1976 under the title Inside is the Sky and this was followed in 1978 by Crow’s Black Joy. In 1979, Lorna and Patrick produced their first collaborative publication called No Longer Two People. Other published collections of her poetry include Humans and Other Beasts (1980), The Weather (1981) and Inventing the Hawk (1992) for which she won a Governor General’s Award.

Margaret Laurence once called Lorna Crozier "a poet to be grateful for" and she is acknowledged for her keen observation of people and things as well as her deep connection to specific places and spaces. She has been praised for the lyricism, passion and humour found in her poetry and she is regarded as one of Canada’s favorite poets. (information taken from

After years of traveling around the globe, Patrick Lane and Lorna Crozier now reside on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

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